Location: 中国


成都迈微信光电仪器有限公司(CHENGDU Micsense Photonics Instruments CO.,LTD)成立于2005年,专注于光电产品代理、系统集成,致力于为客户引进高品质的产品、提供完善的解决方案。


我们是多家国际知名的光电企业在中国的代理,产品涉及光学光电元器件(Optics and Photonics)、精密定位(Precision Motion Control)、光学测量(Optical Measurement)、激光及测量(Laser and Laser Measurement)、光谱(Spectroscopy)共五大种类,广泛应用于国内各著名高校,研究所和相关的高科技企业等近千家用户。




“诚信”是我们永续经营的基础,我们将用“诚信”立足于国内光电事业,与广大客户携手合作,共创辉煌! 成为中国最专业的光电产品代理商!


CHENGDU MICSENSE PHOTONICS INSTRUMENTS CO.,LTD  Founded in 2005,we focus on optoelectronic product agents,system integration ,is committed to the introduction of high-quality products for our customers and provides the perfect solution.

We are the agent of many international famous photoelectric enterprises,involving optics and photonics,precision positioning,optical measurements,laser and spectroscopy a total of five different types,are widely used in various well-known universities,research institutes and high-tech enterprises with almost a thousand users.

After 12 years of development,we have built up a professional and efficient team,from the preprogram discussions,to the latter part of the program implementation, our technical and business personnel can allow costomers to feel the most heart,and efficent service.

“Integrity”is the basis of our sustainability,we will use the “good faith”based on the domestic photovoltaic industry,and work together with our cuntomers to create brillant results.